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HAULWAY® Standard Scooter & Power Chair Lift

Category: Wheelchair / Scooter Lifts

The HAULWAY® Standard Scooter and Power Chair Lift is designed for a variety of mobility devices and may be used on vehicles with a Class II or Class III hitch. The HAULWAY® Standard is our most popular automatic external lift solution. With a weight capacity of 275 pounds, integrated suspension system, and your choice of trays, the HAULWAY® Standard Scooter and Power Chair Lift is equipped to carry medium to large 3- or 4-wheel scooters or medium-sized power chairs.  Simply turn a key to raise or lower your mobility device and watch as the HAULWAY® Standard automatically tilts for added safety and folds up when not in use.

Product Features
Integrated Suspension System
Integrated suspension system keeps your mobility scooter or power chair safe and in place when you drive over big bumps on the road!
Hold-down Arm
The hold-down arm keeps your mobility device secure without the hassle of straps or ropes.
Automatic Tilt
The HAULWAY Standard Scooter & Power Chair Lift automatically tilts your mobility device to keep it safe when navigating steep inclines.

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