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WingIt MODERN Transitional™ Grab Bars

by WingIts

Category: Bathroom Safety

Exceeds ADA guidelines and all building codes
Made of recycled 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel - 100% recyclable and sustainable
Patented BridgeBind™ Technology
Corrosion resistant
Easy installation – guaranteed to never loosen using WingIts fasteners
Rated up to 800 lbs.
Available in high polished or satin finishes
Coordinates with other products in the MODERN Transitional™ collection

MODERN Transitional™ Stainless Steel Grab Bars meet and exceed all building codes, ADA criteria and 2010 ADAAG and 2009 ANSI standards. They are available in lengths 6" to 48" with a 1.25" diameter and are constructed from 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel tubing with solid Stainless square standoffs.

Contemporary design combines with Patented BridgeBind™ Technology results in unparalleled strength and unlimited possibilities.

BridgeBind™ Technology is the process of drilling a hole completely through Stainless Steel tubing - inserting a solid Stainless Steel Pin
and HeliArc Welding the pin to the far point of the tube solidifying the pin and tube into one piece – Creating the Ultimate Structural Bond.

Clean flowing lines, MODERN Transitional™ Stainless Steel Grab Bars are available in either high polished or satin finishes. High polished “mirror finish" stainless steel grab bars are far superior to chrome plating.

Functionality – Durability – Maintenance free

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